Lifeline Shock Pump Review

With an RRP of £14.99, Wiggle’s house-brand shock pump is a lot cheaper than the competition. Is it any good? Let’s find out.

Lifeline Shock Pump 6

Now, £14.99 is really cheap. In fact, if you shop at Wiggle even semi-regularly, it’s probably going to be a couple of quid cheaper. You can probably understand why I was a bit suspicious. Cheap tools normally only sort-of work, and I’m sure everyone knows how disappointing a crap pump can be.

Lifeline Shock Pump 1

So, when the parcel came, I was surprised to find that the pump looked good! A shiny metal shaft, reasonably robust looking hose, and some red anodised bits as well. Yeah, a couple of plasticky bits (the handle and dial), but definitely not ‘tat’.

Lifeline Shock Pump 3

It’s probably worth mentioning at this point that I put it in my bag and headed out to the trails. I attached the pump to my fork to adjust it, wound down the valve release, and all the air left my fork with a hiss. And I couldn’t put any back in. Yeah – the first one I got was faulty, and that wasn’t a great start.

Still, soldiering on, and with a replacement pump in hand, I had another go a few days later. Cautiously.

Lifeline Shock Pump 5

Much better! This time, with no nasty surprises, I could mess around with the pressure in my forks. It was nice to see that the base of the hose and the pump head both swivel, so you can comfortably read the gauge without stressing the hose or your neck.

The first thing I noticed was the pump head. Turn the silver knurled section to attach the head to your shock, and then turn the red one to depress the valve. This way, you can attach and remove the pump without losing any air. Necessary? I don’t really think so. But it works, and it’s hard to really see a downside.

Lifeline Shock Pump 2

A small thing I did like, though, was the location of the pressure release button. It’s on the front of the pump, just next the gauge. Generally, I find that when the button is on the side of the pump (à la RockShox), it gets in the way of my hands as I’m pumping, and I end up accidentally letting out a bit of air. Not the case here.

Lifeline Shock Pump 7

When it comes to pumping… well, it’s a pump. I was a bit wary of the super-slender piston with the plastic handle, but in practise it feels fine. You could probably break it if you really ham-fisted it, but if you went that far wrong then you might be better off asking someone else to help you out.

Long term durability remains to be seen, but so far I can’t see any cause for concern. With all these features for such a low price, it’s really hard to see why someone would buy a different shock pump.

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