Fixed gear turbo trainers: Track Hack adapter for the LeMond Revolution

It may be a niche product, but Track Hack’s fixed gear adapter has found a surprising amount of demand.

Before the current crop of smart trainers, the LeMond Revolution was the gold standard for turbo training. Direct drive was incredibly rare, and the large fan and flywheel provided a great ride feel and air resistance.

Once upon a time, it was also possible to buy an adapter for the Revolution to allow it to be used with track bikes – ideal, since the direct drive meant that track sprint efforts would not lead to wheel slip. However, these parts are exceedingly rare.


That’s where Eric Swaidner and Track Hack came in. A sprinter from Colorado, Swaidner shared a Coach with Team USA sprinter Maddie Godby, who was trying to find one of these kits. As well as avoiding wheel slip during sprint efforts, a fixed gear LeMond would let Maddie train on her own bike. That means she could train using the same fit and power meter as her races and track sessions.

‘I casually mentioned that I could probably just make one.  It seemed simple enough and I have friends with all the necessary skills to make this happen.  I borrowed one of my friend’s Revolution trainers to tear down, measure and sketch up a concept for what a track adapter might need to look like within the constraints of the trainer design.’

And that’s just what happened. Eric, with the help of some friends, stripped down some LeMond Revolution trainers and developed his own adapter. After a bit of testing, it was in Maddie’s hands – and working well.


Of course, as is usually the case when someone in the group is spotted with new kit, it didn’t take long for friends to start showing interest in the fixed gear turbo trainer. Luckily, Eric was happy to share:

‘I thought, why not? the hard work is already done.  I might as well share the spoils with my track racing community.’

After mentioning his new product to the wider track sprinting community on Facebook, Eric was suddenly flooded with interest. Rather than just building a couple of pieces for friends, it was time to start filling orders for specific batch sizes, and Track Hack was born.

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Eric and his wife have been active supporters of World Bicycle Relief since its inception in 2005, and will be donating a significant portion of Track Hack’s profits to the charity. World Bicycle Relief provides bicycles to mobilise and empower those in areas where walking is often the only mode of transport.

Want to get hold of a Track Hack adapter? Click here to find the Track Hack Facebook page and join the order.

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