This week on the web: 6th July 2018

A collection of news, articles, and video from the previous week that I think are worth seeing.

This week on the web is a series where I gather the content from around the web that has caught my eye during the week, putting it all into one place.

So, in no particular order…

New bikes




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With Eurobike coming this weekend, there have been a slew of new bike releases. Specialized and Cannondale have taken a lot of the limelight with the new Venge and System Six aero disc superbikes, but my personal favourite is the new Basso Diamante. Why? Because it’s main design aim is to be ‘a great road bike’.


Check out my article on the 2019 Diamante by clicking here.

Chris Froome to race the Tour


After an extended soap opera after his ‘adverse analytical finding’, all charges have been dropped and Chris Froome will be leading Sky at the Tour.

Read my thoughts here.

Or, see the thoughts of the French fans below:

CTT National 50 postponed

Due to unexpected roadworks on the course, the UK CTT national 50 mile time trial championship has been postponed until later in the season. A real shame, but unavoidable. The new date is the 29th September.

Ditching Your Phone Will Change How You Recreate – Outside Online

How many times have you avoided an interesting road, trail, or landmark because it wasn’t on your planned route? Aaron Gulley talks about how our ‘improved’ navigation can sometimes cost us an adventure.

Coastal Crew x Turbo Kenevo

I love EMTBs, and Specialized seem to be making the best looking ones out there right now. Add in some lovely cable cam shots and we’re really talking.

MashSF x Phil Wood

More MashSF x Phil Wood parts. Nice.

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