This week on the web: 13th July 2018

A collection of news, articles, and video from the previous week that I think are worth seeing.

This week on the web is a series where I gather the content from around the web that has caught my eye during the week, putting it all into one place.

So, in no particular order…


Last week was Eurobike, one of the biggest cycling trade shows of the year. As always, there was a huge array of new products to look at, but for me the biggest takeaway was that smart trainers continue to get better and cheaper. We also saw a slew of new GPS computers from brands like Lezyne and Stages, but it remains to be seen if these can bring a real challenge to Garmin in the same way that Wahoo did recently.

And of course, Rotor’s 13-speed hydraulic groupset and CeramicSpeed’s ‘Driven’ concept were present to draw crowds. Both interesting, but I struggle to see either of them actually being applied to bikes in any great numbers in the near future.

The Problem with Rule 5, by Cillian Kelly (aka Irish Peloton)

Lawson Craddock crashed on the first stage of the Tour de France, breaking his shoulder blade and needing stitches to his face. He decided to carry on, and was/is hailed as a hero. But should someone have stepped in? Is it healthy for us to fetishise this kind of suffering? I don’t really think so, and neither did Cillian Kelly. His article takes a look at the culture of ‘hardening up’ in cycling, and is well worth a read.

When a Cyclist Sues a Group Ride

Lots of us accept crashing bikes as a part of life. But I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’ve struggled to be quite so philosophical about crashes that were (in my opinion) the result of others’ negligence. This rider in the US obviously felt the same way, and is suing his group ride after his crash.

Rapha Slides


Rapha’s newest product has been designed ‘for relaxing before and after your ride’. Shown here is the RCC version, in colours exclusively for Rapha Cycling Club members. Form your own opinions on this one.

Cargo bikes – are they elitist?

There have been a few articles this week from people claiming that cargo bikes are either an elitist symbol of gentrification or, well, the opposite:

‘Cargo-Bike Moms’ Are Gentrifying the Netherlands

No, Cycling Isn’t Elitist

Café du Cyclist: I’m coming to Nice

A nice little video from Café du Cycliste showing off their home town. I’ve been, and it’s lovely. Strongly recommend you find an excuse to visit at some point.

Vote for your favourite Speedvagen

The Vanilla Workshop make some great looking bikes, and have decided to let the public choose which design should be put into production and offered for sale as a ‘ready made’ model. It’s not an easy choice!

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