This week on the web: 20th July 2018

A collection of news, articles, and video from the previous week that I think are worth seeing.

This week on the web is a series where I gather the content from around the web that has caught my eye during the week, putting it all into one place.

So, in no particular order…

The Tour goes back to the cobbles

Heading into the cobbles of northern France isn’t a new idea for the Tour, but it certainly had us stumped when it came to predicting the outcome. The unpredictable nature of these stages definitely adds a bit of spice to proceedings, but unfortunately it also led to a lot of riders hitting the deck. Including favourite Chris Froome, which led to this photo:

Cavendish out of the Tour

A short and competitive mountain stage spelled the end for top sprinters Mark Cavendish and Marcel Kittel, with Cavendish rolling through the finish line to complete the stage well outside the time limit. David Millar remembers the moment in a short piece he wrote at the time.

Well done, Mark.

Has the bicycle business reached peak bike?

Sometimes it seems that it’s hard to see the wood for the trees when it comes to the bike industry. The marketing chatter telling us what we want to buy is a wall of sound that chants ‘progress’, but is that reflected in the data? Rick Vosper’s piece paints a bleak picture for bike sales as the actual number of cyclists is set to take a tumble.

British Cycling adds entry criteria for Track Cycling National Championships

The British Track Nationals have often been known as one of the few opportunities – if not the only real opportunity – for riders of time trial events to race. The individual pursuit, kilometre time trial and 500m time trial can now only be entered by those who have set a fast enough qualifying time in a ratified event.

How high are the new standards? Using the men’s individual pursuit as an example, only 8 riders rode under 4:25 last year.

Outskirts: Route 66

If you’ve got 90 minutes spare, this feature-length film from Rapha follows four riders across America on Route 66. It might not capture the magic of the original Therabouts or the early Rapha Continental films, but it’s still well worth a look.

Kilian Jornet breaks record for Bob Graham Round

OK, it’s not cycling. But Kilian Jornet’s record-breaking Bob Graham Round was an incredible feat. The previous record had stood for 36 years, and this short video should inspire you to get outdoors and push yourself – no matter if it’s on foot or two wheels.

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