This week on the web: 27th July 2018

A collection of news, articles, and video from the previous week that I think are worth seeing.

This week on the web is a series where I gather the content from around the web that has caught my eye during the week, putting it all into one place.

So, in no particular order…

Apple AirPods review

If you’re someone who enjoys some music or a podcast on a ride, you probably know the faff of getting your earbuds set up comfortably. Apple’s AirPods are the ultimate first world problem solvers in this regard, but are they suitable for cycling?

The Tour de France is still going on

This year’s Tour hasn’t seen much in the way of a shake-up when it comes to the GC or points. Both Geraint Thomas and Peter Sagan have taken comfortable leads and maintained them with little drama.

But that’s not really the only reason we watch the Tour. As the whole show makes its progress around France, there’s a constant flow of small stories and tableaux vivants. Caley Fretz’s excellent piece for CyclingTips gives a flavour of this from a rest day:

Tales from the Tour: The rest day pose

Phil Gaimon raced Fabian Cancellara

After a bit of a Twitter spat and some mild lawyer brandishing, Phil Gaimon and Fabian Cancellara decided to settle their differences with a ride on one of Cancellara’s fondo rides. Yeah, it’s kind of strange, but I’m a huge Cancellara fan so it’s nice to see him outside of races and formal interviews.

DCRainmaker’s Eurobike Aero Roundup

I think that home aero testing is the next big thing in cycling tech – just as soon as someone is able to deliver a sensor that ‘just works’ and gives a slick enough look and feel at the right price.

Ray Maker is the undisputed king of cycling tech, and has produced a roundup of the aero sensors he saw at Eurobike. If you’re interested in keeping up with this coming technology, this is a great summary of the current progress.

You can also see my thoughts on the market, and specifically Swiss Side’s offering, by clicking here.

Martin Toft Madsen’s hour record at Aguascalientes

Time triallist Martin Toft Madsen travelled to the velodrome in Aguascalientes to attempt to break the UCI hour record. This velodrome is at high altitude, meaning thinner air and drag savings that far outweigh the power loss. Unfortunately, he was not able to keep up record pace, but finished with a respectable 53.6km.

Wiggle-High5 to end after 2018 season

After six years at the sharp end of pro cycling, Wiggle-High5 will not be registering a team for the 2019 season. While of course it’s a shame to see the end of a team, their work to develop women’s cycling means that they left the sport in a much better place than they found it.

Meet the Man Who Just Ran the Entire Tour de France Route

There have been lots of challenges to ride the Tour de France route alongside the race – whether it’s on a Raleigh Chopper or a penny-farthing. But if you really wanted to make it difficult, you’d forego the bike altogether and just run the whole way instead.

Peter Thompson has just finished his run of the Tour de France route, the second person to ever do so after Zoe Romano in 2013. The challenge took 68 days, and Thompson needed to average 30 miles a day.

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