This week on the web: 10th August 2018

A collection of news, articles, and video from the previous week that I think are worth seeing.

This week on the web is a series where I gather the content from around the web that has caught my eye during the week, putting it all into one place.

So, in no particular order…

UK viewers didn’t tune in for Tour victory

It seems like it’s not enough just to have a home rider win the Tour, as audiences for the TV showings were unusually low. Perhaps that’s related to…

Team Sky’s Biggest Problem

This is an excellent piece by Cillian Kelly, and addresses the image problem that Sky are undeniably dealing with in their own special way. While it’s difficult to blame the country’s waning interest in cycling on just one person, I like to think that, directly or indirectly, Dave Brailsford is partly to blame.

Finding Mr. X

There are cycling hate groups in the world. And someone is in charge of each of them, devoting countless hours just to stir up violent feelings against people based on the form of transport they happen to be using.

Matt de Neef and Iain Treloar take a look at one of these leaders, and find that he is most likely a local cyclist himself. This exploration into a place you most likely try to avoid is absolutely worth the discomfort, as it provides new insight and perspectives into areas that we might find all but impossible to understand.

Plastic-wrapped Outdoor Gear

Outdoor activities and environmental consciousness go hand in hand. However, the products sold by outdoor gear manufacturers is often delivered in packaging which is unnecessarily harmful to the environment. Hendrik Morkel takes three T-shirts as examples, and looks at how they’re packaged. A short read that should make you more mindful.

Transfer mechanics: Andre Greipel, Lotto Soudal and the end of the road

André Greipel, one of the few remaining ‘pure’ road sprinters on the World Tour stage, is leaving his long time team Lotto Soudal, and joining Fortuneo-Samsic, a Pro-Conti team. This marks a big step down for Greipel, and could easily be called a winding down of his career as he ages.

However, this marks the end of a poor relationship with Lotto Soudal that has only deteriorated with the passage of time. This piece from Cyclingnews sums up the move and gives a much more nuanced account of what went on.

James Hayden takes second Transcontinental win

After victory last year, James Hayden was a clear favourite for the 2018 Transcontinental. This year’s win was far more decisive, beating his competition by an entire country.

The Transcontinental is a race which delivers countless stories and dramas to follow, from the individual daily struggles of riders to the abstract watching of dots moving across a map. But this image is what I think is really attractive about this kind of racing. The idea of settling down into a cruise for days on end, through countries you’ve never visited and on unknown roads, in a solo adventure that tests both physical and mental strength.

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