About rideupgrades

‘Don’t buy upgrades, ride up grades!’

We’ve all heard this at some point or another. Eddy Merckx said it, and it probably sounded much better coming from him than when we came across it.

It’s all too easy to take things at face value. Keep riding your crappy bike up and down that hill until you’re faster than everyone. Is that what it’s about? If you like.

The idea behind rideupgrades isn’t about selling a set of carbon wheels, nor is it about training methods. It’s about upgrading your rides. How do you do that? It’s simple. Just remember not to take what you’re doing (or watching) for granted.

Sit down, make a coffee, and have a think about why you ride. If something you read on my site inspires you to get out on your bike, or even just helps you to appreciate the times when you do, I’ll consider my job well done.

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Jim Gadd

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